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Goals of Physiotherapy:-

  • To rehabilitate or restore normal function of the joint.
  • To decrease pain, swelling,
  • To make the patient independent.
  • Strengthening the affected joint muscles
  • Maintaining good circulation of blood in the affected area
  • Gait Training

Pre-Operative Physiotherapy:-

  • Successful postoperative management of the patient ideally begins preoperatively .
  • Patient is familiarized with phases and goals of rehabilitation process.
  • Patient is taught Bed transfers& ambulation with assistive devices.
  • Physical therapist also identifies any special problems or needs of the patient.

To Reduce Pain and Swelling:-

  • Cryo therapy(Day1-10)
  • Hot pack / PWB
  • Ultrasonic therapy
  • IFT
  • Laser therapy
Exercise for Lower Limb